R6 footplanting with animations?

I don’t know really anything about Inverse Kinematics, but I’d really like to have that sort of leg movement through animations rather than tweaking with Motor6Ds, and I haven’t found anything quite like this.

I’m really only needing this to have leg movement and slight torso movement during a walk cycle, does anyone know the best way to achieve this?


What I would do is make raycasts to the ground to see where the foot need to be placed, do some CFrame math and you could
read from the HumanoidRootPart’s velocity and rotational velocity to make the torso slightly tilt.

Edit: Also perhaps you could use tweens for smooth movement.


If you still need help with this subject, I figured using something like sine waves math.sin() is actually very useful for procedural walk cycles.

Just combine that with movement direction and raycasts to find the total height you need for the foot and what direction the leg should move into.

But math.sin and math.cos can be very useful to create a walking motion/cycle with pure coding as sin/cos makes a wave-like motion and if combined can be used to create perfectly round circles.

Edit: This is something I knew a lot earlier, apologies for a super late response that may bump this topic back up.