R6 IK Foot Planting

So, I need some help on making r6 ik foot planting for my shooter game.
roblox default r6 animations look really weird when you strafe, or walk backwards.
Some good examples of what i am talking about, is the leg animation on Those Who Remain and Phantom forces, wich are really good r6 shooter games
I understand how IK R15 foot planting works, but how can i make it on R6?

I really want to make something nice like that,but i don`t exactly know how.
Thanks for anyone who can help.


The clip you show is too dark for me to really tell what’s going on with the leg animations.

I don’t think Those Who Remain uses foot planting, rather cleverly blended animations that result in smooth-seeming movement. You could ask the programmer themselves if they’re willing to share the concept of doing this.

cc @nin900500

Inverse Kinematics. For this particular case, modeling ovals that are stretched vertically (walk cycle) would be a good place to start. Raycast from your knee or ankle to the ground.


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I already read LMH_Hutch`s Thread about IK, but that really did not help, since my focus is on making foot planting

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I dont think they use this kind of movement, but i will try to make something like what you sayed

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I removed GIF since it was kind of useless

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The concept is more or less the same. Apply the same logic to the leg. You’re solving / modeling where the End Effector (goal) of that leg should be. The demo includes an R15 implementation.


Its just some clever editing to a regular walk cycle using sin and cos.