R6 or R15 for a Parkour Game?

Hello everyone! I have a question about what you guys would enjoy more: R6 or R15 Animation in a Parkour Game similar to Parkour. I am more focused on Military Themed and FPS games, so I am more used to R15 because of the realism. But actually if I play my own Parkour game it kinda looks better in R6. What do you guys think?

  • R6
  • R15

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R6 is a better option, and this is what most obby games use. Because there are less rigs, it is easier to complete the stages. Using R6 also allows you to develop stages that you have to glitch in order to get to the next stage. However, if you want your game to be extremely challenging, then you can use R15. Generally, there are many limitations if you choose the 2nd option.

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R6 is better since the r15 screws up parkour.

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In my opinion, R6 is more ideal than R15 because, like the other posts stated, R15 can sometimes screw up an obby and cause unfair advantages for those with wacky animations/accessories.

Unless you’re going to make a really neat parkour map that is of the quality of speedrun, I would try to use R6.


I feel like r6 is more fair because people who have some animations could have better jumps then other ones. To keep it fair it should be r6. but you can choose whichever one you want of course

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Yeah it will be more an Open World parkour game which is more focused on speed with a large map to discover while sprinting on rooftops. Thanks for your opinion!