R6 to R15 Animation Pack! (All R6 Player Animations Remaked into R15)

Hello everyone!
Ever since the 21st of July I began working on remaking the Animation set from R6 Players to R15, this includes all the movement actions and the emotes that come with it.

If you’re a Roblox Developer and ever wanted to switch your game to R15, but also having to look like players are using R6 Default Animations, then Hello there! I’m Stalkalek and here’s a preview of what you probably think it looks like!

This set not only includes the Animation pack, but also a few scripts to help you get started on how to set this up, the following is included within the pack:

  • As mentioned, ALL of the Animations have been remaked into R15, all the label tracks and stuff.
  • Along with some extra AnimationTracks like Dance2 but with a proper loop and Run (like the ones you see on free model Killer NPCs, I don’t know why I made that)
  • This includes a custom Animate R6 script that works on R15, along with an additional function of the R15 Emote Menu Compatiblity, this setting can be changed whether you want players to perform R15 Emotes or not.
  • It also includes a server script that scales the Character to the default size on spawn, kinda like how R6 looks!
  • Along with an extra function of Limbs getting Welded together on death, just like R6 and its more cleaner than 15 limbs falling apart!

In your game settings, Make sure that your game is set to R15 only and that Avatar Animations are set to “Standard”. If not it’ll replace the custom script with the Player’s choice of avatar animations.
Because I can’t share my Animation IDs, you yourself would have to upload all the AnimationTracks, and replace the IDs from the Animate Script included.
Of course, you can do whatever you want with them and the scripts included, either modify them yourself or write your own code instead, the main event here is the Animation Pack, after all!

Thank you!
You can find my free model right here! Hope it serves you all well and have a nice day :star:


WOW This will be so usefull, congratulations


roblox not stopping me from using r6 animations WOOOOOO


Yay, I love it

Will these animations work for everyone, or do I have to reupload it to myself to use it


Unfortunately we still can’t share animations for public use, you have to reupload all of the animationTracks that come with the pack yourself!


Off-topic, but how did you get the profile picture on your avatar?

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Patched but people were able to use inspect element to allow their characters to use emotes on their profile pictures.


I wish they can just release it rn, i dont want blockies staring into my soul


This is so good! I’m half wishing this was an animation pack in itself, it would be really well with the old-school animation pack rather than the linear animations it currently has.


R6 finally support layer clothing :flushed:


This could make r15 usable for obbies


This is incredibly useful! Thank you!

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You could have literally just used a converter rather than animating them all yourself, but I’m glad you have that much dedication.

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This is so heartwarming! I look forward to using this in my future works, thank you so much @Stalkalek :purple_heart:


are you sure about this

I might be wrong but aren’t you able to do the same thing with scripts? You’d basically play an R6 animation but reassign the animation to the joint parts of the R15 (Shoulder, UpperLeg, etc) Since the elbows/knees aren’t being animated, it’d look the same as R6 since its just grabbing the animations from R6 and applying it to R15 :thinking:

Thats not to say the animations are unnecessary, I can find some nice use cases for them otherwise in terms of Blender and other programs. It’s also useful incase people would rather not mess with scripts to convert R6 animations to the R15 rig.


I feel like maybe there is a more technical approach for this matter, but we weren’t exactly that into it.

Sure we did discuss about it before I started working on it, and we definitely tried converting some of them into R15 with our own code in different ways, the only thing I managed to convert by script is the Idle1 animation, it was easy because its just Vectors going up and down for the most part, the movements are nearly equal too.
But as for the rest of the animations, when the body parts start to change angles and rotate constantly, you’re not gonna get what you want unfortunately.

The Motor6D for both rigs are VERY different, and I already took some time to swap around the CFrame components so I could probably get it right by chance, but I got even crazier results instead and after some logical thinking I concluded it wasn’t worth it.
We thought the best bet was to attempt to accurately remake the animations, so I ended up doing that instead haha :star:


Someone needs to make a plugin to automate this stuff. Looks awesome, and definitely gonna use this for my current project!


That’s the thing, there is no converter for doing so.

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I have 2 plugins which convert R6 animations to R15, one in the style of R15 and one that tries mimicking R6’s animation style on R15.