R6 version of Kenneth bundle looks incorrect

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So i found a bug with a bundle on March 26, it happens in every single game, and on the website. The R6 version of this package does not look correct, and the hair accessory clips with the head.

Here’s a picture and video describing my problem:

R15 RobloxR6

Link to the bundle:

R15 Game:https://www.roblox.com/games/364769937/R15-Animation-Tester?refPageId=047546cc-a6a8-4f2b-9a6c-91ab2c290844

R6 Game:https://www.roblox.com/games/4720306286/1-EMOTES-R6-Emotes?refPageId=047546cc-a6a8-4f2b-9a6c-91ab2c290844


Just my two cents, but Kenneth is an RThro bundle, so it’s sorta expected for its accessories not to work with non-rthro stuff.

Pick up any other RThro bundle in the catalog and 9 times out of 10 its accessories will be placed very poorly in R6. RThro just isn’t designed for R6.


While that’s true for the hats, the body parts just don’t appear at all. With Rthro bundles in R6, the body parts will still appear, even if the positioning is usually incorrect. The Kenneth bundle just uses the blocky avatar in R6.


That’s fair. I tested this w/ Cindy, which was released at the same time as Kenneth, and Cindy has the correct R6 body meshes.


There was like a couple of those type of avatars that came at the same time and the only one that has the problem is Kenneth.


I have yet to see an admin look over this. I think the reason they put it as blocky is because to looks similar to a robux bundle. The arms look similar to this bundle Action Figure.
See how they’re similar?


Kenneth is missing R6 CharacterMeshes

Cindy (released around the same time as this bundle, as said above) is correct.

It’s most likely a mistake.


The hair was updated so it no longer clips through the head, along with the icon being updated to have the same change the hair had. Which means one out of the two issues were fixed.

However, Kenneth still lacks the required CharacterMeshes for R6 as of this reply.

And if that isn’t enough. I’ll link the parts from the Kenneth bundle here. It should help speed up the process to get the bundle fixed as soon as possible.

Torso: NeoClassic Male v2 - Torso - Roblox
Right Leg: NeoClassic Male v2 - Right Leg - Roblox
Right Arm: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/4637286849/NeoClassic-Male-v2-Right-Arm
Left Arm: NeoClassic Male v2 - Left Arm - Roblox
Left Leg: NeoClassic Male v2 - Left Leg - Roblox

I’m not sure if the bundle’s being fixed right now. Having the lack of R6 CharacterMeshes can really mess up, and ruin a free bundle at the same time.

Other than that, I decided to create a accurate prediction to see what Kenneth would look like if he got the required CharacterMeshes for R6.


This is somewhat of what Kenneth should look like.

Used Neoclassic Female, because Neoclassic Male has the issue, but gives an idea of what Kenneth should look like.


Sorry to bump this trend. But don’t forget the fact that they have inverted shading, this applies to all Rthro Bundles in R6, not just the NeoClassic Bundles.

I’ll take Dennis as a example.
1 - R15
On the R6 Model, the shading is inverted. Using “Set Normals from Faces” fixes it.
2 - R6 3 - Inverted
Using “Set Normals from Faces” results the shading to look like R15’s Shading.
4 - R6 Fixed 5 - Fixed
The heads of each Rthro Bundle don’t have this issue, as they only have one mesh. Hopefully ROBLOX will start using this method when making new Rthro Bundles.


Sorry to bump this thread, but I think it’s pretty important. I found a bundle called the Bloxy LNX. It seems exactly like the Kenneth Bundle and is from the Lil Nas X event. For some reason I can’t see the Explorer because BTRoblox isn’t working so if someone could do that, it would be awesome. Thanks.

You’re right about it being like Kenneth. But here’s a very interesting discovery I found with both BTRoblox and Studio itself. Note that I took this picture before the package came out. :huh:

Kenneth’s R6 model might be the same, but the arms might be at a fixed size.
[Notice how Blocky LNX’s arms are a little sqaushed?]

Not just that, the hair seems to also be messed up (Just like Kenneth’s). I wanna see if I can get a buddy who owns this to try it out in a R6 Game or just put R6 on the avatar tab.

I found this when I put everything in and I think they only got an R6 mesh for the Left Arm.