Race Chronicles - gamepasses

Hey guys! I have a game called “race chronicles” and i would like to know what gamepasses i should add and if the existing ones are good.
Please give me some feedback!

Thx for reading :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Please leave some feedback! :smiley:

I see it’s like a speed game thing, right? Anyways, probably a 2x points for a pass buyer. Maybe about 50 - 75 robux when it comes to prices(you can decide on how much). That’s all I can say, the game is good though, it has cool maps too.

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thx man! anymore suggestions??

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Maybe instead of just having buy 100000 points, add some in between that instead of jumping straight to the max. Tbh if I were just to see that gamepass alone on a regular day without knowing about this, I’d think that your game was a cash-grab. Add some more point-buying gamepasses to try and fix this for people who find your game randomly not to just leave.

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ok will do so should i add +1 rebirth 2x speed and more?

Yeah! Also add different amounts of points you can buy. Ex. 100, 1,000, 10,000, etc.

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Maybe a pet game pass would work? Not sure though, a ton of games have pets though. And also maybe the pets will give like some power-ups to the player who bought it.

thats in the upcoming update :smiley:

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