Race condition on search bar

As a developer browsing through the API regularly, I started to notice that if I typed faster than what the search bar could register, the suggestions are inaccurate. Let’s say I tried to look up Color3, but the indexing shows and presents suggestions from Col shortly after displaying all for Color3. Clearly, there is a race condition when searching up a specific API caused by the auto-suggestion. I’m not even sure if it is a race condition or if it is the algorithm not working properly? It is just another theory.

This issue does not affect copy and paste, apparently, but those who type fast enough.

Using a known workaround, it is extremely annoying and janky user experience that I have to remove one character and re-add it to properly populate the list correctly.



Thanks for the report! Flagged it with the team, and engineering will take a look at it when they can.