Racing / Car Project Concept UI

Was recently bored, so I started doing commissions. ( shameless plug. [FOR HIRE] Road | GUI Designer ) Anyways, I got a commission for a car game and thought it was gonna be boring but turned out to be kinda fun to be honest. Whenever doing commissions, I always try to keep a good attitude and think of the positives and this really came in use during this commission.

Here is the UI I made, and I’d like some feedback! ( Colors are a bit dull, yes, but I didn’t have a legitimate color scheme so bear with me ).



That’s amazing. If that was in game, I don’t know if anyone would think that’s Roblox.

Thank you very much for the reply! That’s honestly the best comment you can get regarding UI, outdoing the game engine itself is an amazing accomplishment.

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T H A T I S S T U N N I N G!

omg that is so good i love it so bad

Overall looks amazing and looks like it was made on an engine like UE4 rather than Roblox. Also the lighting is a great touch.

thats the best you-igh ever! looks so good, idk why


This Car User Interface looks phenomenal! Love the car images. Great work!