Racing Car suspension lag help

So basically, I’m making a vehicle that has a suspension, and the suspension has worked incredibly well. I used a free model constraint set and used all my own scripts because I’m not very good with dealing with constraints at all. It’s great, but there’s an issue due to lag and stuff whenever the vehicle is driving with over around 6-8 cars its starts lagging I cant have 4 springs all in one car. I’m trying to lower the springs down to only 1 but having them all work the same. Any help would be appreciated. springs cause the 4x blocks to basically bend allowing suspension im trying to lower the springs to only 1 that works throughout the entire vehicle but idk how at all my best solution has been removing the front springs and only having 2 springs in the back it works practically the same but i dont wanna do that


If you have 4 wheel independent suspension you need 4 springs.
What do all the other Constraints do? If you have more than you really need it could be a source of your physics lag. RodConstraints at Attachments can handle Hinge and BallSocket properties without the added constraints.

Here’s a picture of what works well for me: (EDIT, I don’t use HIngeConstraints for steering, I find them too bouncy, so I use a Motor to drive an offset Attachment that pushes the steering linkage shown. This also allows for “Ackerman steering” angles while turning)


Thanks for responding. Do I have to use a triangle-shaped part for that piece of the car, or can I just use a regular part?

I’m trying this out, and I’m not sure how you did it. Like I said earlier, I’m horrible with constraints and very confused by this.

The issue I found was that using 2 swing arms/parallel arms is that you have to have 4 HingeConstraints and 8 Attachments just for the suspension, never mind the spring and the steering components.

On my setup I have a Hinge for the lower A arm (with 2 Attachments (yes, you can just use a single Part). The 3 Attachments for the top A arm with 2 Rods takes care of all the pivoting and support of the top of the grey steering pivot. Instead of the 12 Constraint components you have I have 11 (Hinge/2 Attachments, BallSocket/2 Attachments, 2 Rods and 3 Attachments for the top A arm) and it already takes care of the steering where you’d use another Hinge/2 Attachments.

With Constraints less is better if you can help it. Make your Springs connect to Attachments you already have.

If you want you can PM me a model of the car and I’ll take a look.
There may also be an issue with the script for steering and throttle that’s causing a bit of lag as well.

Alright, I can go ahead and PM you my current vehicle so you can look at it.