[Racing] Looking for Beta Testers!

About Us

We’re having a blast creating games and we really hope others enjoy them as much as we do! At this point in time we have a racing game that’s in need of testing by expert game players such as yourself.

About The Request

We would love for you to play our latest game which is in beta. For us beta means feature complete, still has bugs, and we may tweak gameplay based on your feedback. It’s also important that you like racing games, as this is what our current game is all about.

What’s In It For You?

You will be given in-game currency at every big update, including this beta phase.

Contact Us

Please contact us here on the Developer Forum, just send a message to me. You must be 13 years or older to apply.


  • We are setting up a Discord server which will probably be the main way we track bugs.
  • If you look under my Roblox user name, or the groups I’m in, you will not find the game as it’s currently private. The beta testers will be given access to it. It’s not top secret, we just want some players to give it a whirl before making it public, it’s that simple.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Wow! I’m interested in your service as a Beta Tester! I currently have a discord, and I meet the age requirements. But, one concern, what is the group I’m exactly looking for?

Thanks for the interest, we’ll ping you directly with a few questions.

As for the the group we’ll be asking those picked to join, its here:

Note the game is not visible because it’s currently private.

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Thank you. Take your time on the game.

I’m extremely interested, and I have a great knowledge about racing!
I can test on almost any platform and meet the age requirements for both discord.

Okay, thank you for replying. Did you join the group mentioned above?

Will do so right now
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Thank you.

One thing I forgot to mention is we’re currently focused on testing for PC. Mobile is certainly something we’ll do, but driving mechanics on mobile are tricky so we’ll do that after we have the bugs worked out.

Also, if you have friends that love racing games, and meet the requirements, please have them message me.

Hello, I am Interseted in becoming a Beta Tester!

I’m interested in beta testing, I know how to break games and find bugs.

Hello, How are you? I’m interested for beta testeur, in your game. My dizzcard is Grenouille # 0604 . (I speak french.)

If you are 13 years or older, and can write good bug reports, please join the group I mention above. We are tracking everyone who joins at this point.

I have join your group, and i have 15 Years

For those who are signing up for the beta testing, and after joining the Roblox group I mentioned above, feel free to also then join the Discord server:

I wanted to give a big thanks to everyone that has signed up and helped us test our game. We started at version 0.7.1 and we’re now at version 0.7.21! We have fixed a lot of bugs, but we’ve also added features based on great ideas coming from players. If you still want to help us test, feel free to contact me on this forum or via our Discord server.

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Interested in helping!
Heres my discod :D!

You are 13 years of age or older?

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Hello! Are you still hiring? I’m 14

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