Racists are entering my game... Should I encourage people to block them or ban them from the game?

Will this hurt my game and get it moderated?

People are seeing racists join my game called Bloxy Roads and they are demanding free speech and want to express their feelings.

I am not a man to ban them. I want to understand them and encourage them to behave themselves. Others are telling me to ban them. I don’t want to ban them from my game. It’s too extreme.

Will these players get my game moderated?


If they are breaking Roblox TOS, they should be reported to Roblox through the in-game report system.


Probably not. Your game would only get moderated if there is something inapporiate in your game not the players playing it.

You could encourage players in your game to report those people if they are breaking the tos.


They won’t necessarily get your game moderated unless you have a chat system that isn’t filtered, or something else like the ability to draw for everyone.

Best action is to have every user who sees it report them for being racist, and don’t allow them back into the game, whether that means permanent or temporary bans.

You should ask players to report and block them. Why block them and not ban them? Because they can crwte alt accounts. So when people block them they will not be put in the same server as them. And eventually they will be put in servers where people have the same vies as them or do not care. But this is a long process.

You should tell players to report and block them.

Hello there! You seem to be in a very complex dilemma which I can understand as a fellow developer and I would like to give my thoughts on this.

The game you have made will not be moderated if it doesn’t break the Roblox TOS.

However if some Players are breaking the TOS you should encourage people to report them as it is what you should do in order to prevent a toxic community and maintain the TOS.

It is your choice on whether to ban these offenders and how to implement it but the best solution from my end is that you simply encourage your players to report these people who are saying racist comments.

I’d suggest you provide an option to blacklist/hide certain players, provide a step-by-step for your players when they feel someone is breaking rules.

For this, nope, this won’t. Your game only gets moderated if the fault is on the developer’s end, not its players.

Lol those drawing games are the worst

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Unfortunately this isn’t true in all cases. Depending on the severity and frequency of the abuse, the developer can be held responsible for players promoting bad messages and acting in bad faith. Moderation is often against a player’s action, but abuse en masse will be held against the developer and you’ll be expected to improve your systems to minimise or stop bad behaviour.

In OP’s case, there’s only a very slim chance that they can be moderated for the bad behaviour of their community. Adding custom filtering or shadow banning certain phrases might be preferable to help mitigate the amount of bad messages being sent. Otherwise, chat system abuse typically isn’t held against the developer, especially if they haven’t forked it.


If you block them you wont be in their servers but didn’t you just say they can create alternative accounts. Then you could join their alts server. The best thing is to report them so they get annoyed of getting banned and stop if they are going against tos.

both. or just make a script that auto kicks players who use blacklisted words (manually added by people)

If they are breaking Roblox TOS, they really should be banned. Not only are they putting your game at risk, they are also making a poor game experience for those who have to be in the server with them, banning really is the only thing to do imo