Radial Health bar Feedback

I might add an armor feature ass well that turns the segments blue when the player has armor.


This radial health bar looks great! Nice job on it!

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Thank You! I appreciate the kind words.

The health bar is amazing, especially the sounds.

This looks and sounds really good, nice job.

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I think you should consider locking the rotation of it to match either the camera or the player.


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

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That’s probably a good idea. I’ll look into it later today.

Wow it looks amazing, never would have thought of displaying health that way, as suggested only change i would make would be to make the beggining of the circle face the camera, bacuase i could not tell you were losing health blocks for a while until there were only a few left.

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I got the idea from an old top down game I seen. The system uses parts instead of a GUI. The only thing I’m concerned with is the part being cloned from replicated storage and not server storage. I might need to change it.

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