Radiation counter arrow is lagging when i move the counter

Hi, i experience an issue when i pick up the radiation counter and when i move it the arrow seems to be lagged.

This also appears on server side but its worse.

(The fact that the arrow moves left and right is as it should be)

I also noticed this does not appear when you are not in first view mode.

I tried to fix it but i failed. The arrow is moving by “HingeConstraint”.

I don’t think it is a script issue. I cut off the code that responds for the movement of arrow but the issue still appears. Any help is appreciated.

Why not just use a motor6D to move the arrow instead of a hingeconstraint?

huh, how i would use that. For example animating it?

For animating, you would most likely do:
m6.CFrame = CFrame.Angles(0,math.rad(arrow_angle),0)
Arrow angle being the desired angle of the arrow.

And to create a motor6d, you could either install plugin which can create one between two parts, or you could create one in the console bar:

Instance.new("Motor6D", game.Workspace)

as you said, i tried to move the arrow but it moves incorrect.

Even tried to fix that by pivot position but it doesn’t work.

I see, can you show me where the motor6d connection is made and the arrow pointer? As there may be an issue on how it’s connected. Also why not use C0 instead of C1?

The middle is connected with that arrow:
So this connected like so:


Because the Arrow is a Union it can’t really center well, so you could either make it two parts: (Center circle and a pointer) or you could find the end of the arrow and then rotate it + the pivot that way. The easiest would be seperating the arrow into two pieces as i said, because that way you could weld the arrow pointer to the center circle, and just rotate the circle instead.

Sorry if this response is unclear, trying to explain it to the best of my abilities.

Well, i already fixed this issue by creating another arrow at opposite and hide it in the model and then union it all, but thanks for your help

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