RaFaeL_LRFL's Portfolio

About Me

Hello! I’m RaFaeL_LRFL but you may call me just “Rafa”. I’m developing in the platform since 2018 as a programmer. I like when people send feedback on my systems so I can make them better, I try to get better as a programmer each day.


Here are some systems I created.

Over The Shoulder gun system

Keybind Q to change aim side
Keybind R to reload
Keybind L to turn on/off laser

Custom game controls and Inventory system

Dragon Ball systems

Flight system

Character customization

Keybind Q to Ki Blast
Kamehameha on Hotbar

Pistol system

No tool, weld only
Keybind E to equip/unequip
Keybind R to reload

Dealership and Car spawner


I prefer to work on weekdays from 3 pm to 1 am GMT, it’s not a fixed schedule but in general, I’m available these days.


Prices are negotiable, I prefer short terms

Once you say to me what you expect, I will start creating your system, and when it’s done and you agree with the results, I will deliver it to you after the payment.
I can do long terms too depending on my free time.

Payment method I accept:
Robux (with tax)


You can contact me here on DevForum, Discord or Twitter!

Discord: RaFaeL_LRFL#1089
Twiter: https://twitter.com/RaFaeL_LRFL