Ragdoll collidable with player for a bit when spawned

Creating a ragdoll script which creates a ragdoll that looks like the player upon player death (its a different model as the player still has to respawn)

To make the ragdoll’s arms and legs collide with the ground (so it doesn’t fall through), I’ve made it so theres invisible parts welded to them that has collision. Upon initialization of each of these parts, I add them to a Collision group which should not be able to collide with the player, however, they still seem to collide until about 2 seconds.

–below is a section of the script thats supposed to add collision to the arms. I am certain it isn’t the HRP thats causing the collision, as the feet of the player is also collidable

elseif desc:IsA("MeshPart") then
				local rp = Instance.new("Part")
				rp.CollisionGroup = "Bodies"
				rp.Name = "colpart"
				rp.Size = desc.Size/2.5
				rp.Massless = true 				
				rp.CFrame = desc.CFrame 
				rp.Transparency = 1
				rp.Parent = desc
				local wc = Instance.new("WeldConstraint",rp)
				wc.Part0 = rp 
				wc.Part1 = desc

upon further testing it seems that if I enable then disable platform stand in the humanoid, the ragdoll enters the state that is collidable for about 2 seconds, then becomes uncollidable again (also happens with the sit)

nvm apparently when ragdolling the player, the player goes into platform stand, which makes all parts of it collidable for about 2 seconds (all I had to do was also make the ragdoll’s actual limbs into the collision group)

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