Ragdoll issue - bouncy behavior

This issue was solved. If you are interested in using my module, the link is here - Ragdoll Script Open Source R15 and Rthro

I have an issue of bouncing player when he ragdolls. The ragdoll is unstable. How can I fix this? This seems to be related to physics something something. I searched older topics but none answered my question.
This issue is not part specific. Also happens on terrain.

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This is pretty hard but did you try using a collision? I think the problem are occured between the body parts and a floor.

It also happens on terrain. As for collisions, I have disabled between HRP and other body parts using physics service. If I disable collisions, player will go inside the block.

I remember there’s a lot of people deleting a humanoidrootpart when the players died. I guess you have to try!

They did that because they didn’t know physics service. The collisions between HRP and other parts were the reason for unwanted sitting of player during ragdoll. In my case, I also have to bring the player back. It’s like ragdoll engine.

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In this case, im pretty sure that your script is fine. But there’s might be a attachment that makes a ragdoll works like a rope which Im pretty sure it works as a loop. Correct me if Im wrong

With testing different scenarios, I have found that my recent edit in it which excluded all hand joints and ankle joints along with waist resulted in shaking of player’s body. When I did the same thing to all joints, nothing shaky movemeny happens!

That’s somewhat correct as I’m enabling ballsocketconstraints and disabling motor6ds when I ragdoll.

How do you do that? If you wouldnt mind to share with everyone!

Yes! I have open sourced my ragdoll module already. When I updated both my game and module, this bug was found and now I’m going to update the module soon. Module is linked in topic.

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This was actually caused by the constantly running animations on Humanoid animator not because of my code. I was able to fix it by deleting animator while player was ragdolling and bringing it back when I had to get player up. So, my original code to improve ragdoll is back now.