Ragdoll module for all your* roguery needs

i searched for 5 years to find a good ragdoll module for R6 but there wasn’t any soo i grabbed the best one i found find and polished, edited, fixed, basically reworked it entirely and here it is


plz give feedback and improve it :slight_smile:

everything above is outdated and im too lazy to update the thread
here is the final version of the script that im using in my game
also about the ragdoll flying and being able to move, just disable player movement, i didn’t do it in the script itself as i use a separate script for movement related things such as stun, running, blocking, etc…


There’s a pretty big problem with jumping and ascending while ragdolling

it happens mostly because of platformstand, just disable player movement before ragdolling and it should fix the problem

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i do that in my status script because it detects ragdolling

what is the M parameter in the function?

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Hi, for anyone having an issue with the socket, you have to change




Also M is useless, you may just delete it

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guys i decided i will be remaking this module from scratch because the code is kinda bad and old and doesn’t support R15 soo im going to be rescripting it and making it better