Ragdoll only working if there are odd number of players in my game

I have a simple ragdoll system on F press. There’s a debounce of .5 seconds.

Any help is appreciated, I have no idea why this isn’t working. The same code works in my other game regardless of the number of players. Just tested my other game, the issue is there also.

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Correction: v:IsA('Motor6D')

Correction: v:IsA('BallSocketConstraint')

Correction: char:FindFirstChild('LowerTorso')

These changes won’t affect the result of the code. Both syntaxes are correct.

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() aren’t mandatory in strings unless you got variables. I haven’t been able to catch the real bug. I’m guessing it’s a studio bug?

Apologies, didn’t know that…!

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OnServerEvent was firing from every player so moving it to server script service was what I had to do.