Ragdoll Script R15 and R6 [PC, Mobile, Xbox]

Yes I did! Sorry for late reply. The timezone aint same

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Can you share a file where that issue can be replicated?

I remember when Im doing it.

  1. Make a blank baseplate
  2. Get a model (your ragdoll)
  3. Put all of it in orders
  4. Go to firstperson
  5. Walk Backwards
  6. An bug? (since sometimes It does and it doesnt)
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Couldn’t replicate sorry. Overall the module seems to work perfectly fine. Does it happen on terrain?

I just test only on a baseplate.

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I’ve looked over your code and I have few things I think would be helpful for the community;

  1. Create R6 Ragdoll Capability
  2. Create a way that it can be triggered from another script, such as touch and so on. (i.e; with a variable requiring the module; they could do variablename.RagdollActive())
  3. Create a Ragdoll Creating Tutorial; this would make it so anyone can create their own ragdolls, know what they need to do to some degree and create their own versions.
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How do I make it so that the player gets un-ragdolled after a few seconds?

Simply call M.Ragdoll(char) again after a few seconds. It unragdolls player if it finds the player is ragdolled.

That’d be cool I think. I’ll try it.

That’s what I have done exactly. Require module, then ragdoll them with M.Ragdoll(char). Please check out the module thoroughly.

I’ll think about it. I just open sourced my ragdoll script so other devs don’t have a hard time figuring it out like I did. I’ll improve the ReadMe Script though.

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Module script updated. Creating Joints code moved to module scripts in case you want to use it from multiple scripts, i.e. for npcs.

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What about removing the ragdoll from a player for a certain set of time?

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What do you mean?
What do you mean?

Alright so, imagine there’s a tool that you can use that knocks a player down (ragdoll)… and after a certain set of time, the player gets back up (unragdolled).

That’s what I mean.

Is there a way you could make a function to unragdoll a player or is this already implemented…?

I already replied to another person above regarding same question. I have a push tool in my game which I linked in original post for testing. I initially added a way for unragdolling player automatically since a lot of players won’t know how to get up and eventually leave dislikes on the game.

if you call M.Ragdoll(char), it will ragdoll if player is unragdolled and it will unragdoll if player is ragdolled.
if you call M.Ragdoll(char,""), it will ragdoll player only rather than unragdolling it at certain times. The second argument is a boolean which is checked in module code.

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Possibly a dumb question but how do I change the controls to toggle first person and ragdoll?

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Ah nevermind, I found it. For anyone else wondering, it’s in the Input script in StarterGui.

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The player shakes after getting ragdolled, is there a fix for this?

This happened after I removed the Input script because of it breaking my death screen.

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Yeah, Input script controls player input from multiple devices as well as changes humanoid states and disable animations on ragdoll. So, it’s a requirement.

I have added Scripts Info in the original post.

I see, what about the first one about my avatar shaking?

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Same reason! It happened after you deleted Input script, right? Note: If you took the module in past, please re download it because a lot of improvements were made recently.

It was before me removing the input script. Maybe I should reinstall the model and see what happens.

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