Ragdoll Script R15 and R6 [PC, Mobile, Xbox]

Hello! I’ve found that many people are struggling with making ragdoll scripts. I did too a few months ago but now I have found the correct way to ragdoll, it’s smooth and easy. Today, I’ll be open sourcing my ragdoll script. It’s very compact I hope you’ll like it.

I’ll update regularly


  • Works for R15 and R6 both.
  • Computer support - Press F to toggle ragdoll and C to toggle first person.
  • Mobile Support - Doll button to toggle ragdoll and FP button to toggle FP.
  • Console Support - R1 for ragdoll and L1 for FP.
  • Death ragdoll by default.
  • Velocity checks - If a player exceeds a certain velocity, they will ragdoll. (Now server sided)

Get this model and ungroup according to the names of groups.
Test it yourself in my game Ragdoll Concept!:slight_smile:


  • Server Script (ServerScriptService) - Does velocity checks. If a player exceeds a certain velocity, it ragdolls him.

  • Module Script (ServerScriptService) - Contains function for ragdolling and making joints.

  • Input Script (StarterGui) - Changes humanoid states and disables animations on client events. Contains controls for different devices which you can change.

  • Ragdoll Script (StarterPlayerScripts) - Makes changes to players humanoid whenever it resets/joins. Ragdolls on death.

To ragdoll NPCs - Just call Ragdoll.Joints(NPC character) to make joints for it, then call Bot function. It’s ragdoll function just for bots.


Can you show a video on how it works?


Sure, I updated the original topic with gifs.


I’m gonna use the same script just I’ll add a UI.


I’ll add a testing place soon. So you can test yourself before getting the model! Test here Ragdoll Concept! All gamepasses made free so you can test properly.


Best if you just put this in #resources:community-resources since this isn’t a tutorial.


I did that but since I also list out steps I thought it would suit in Tutorials category.

Thanks for releasing this resource!
Here are some issues I have found from running the test place:

  • Some joints are unrealistically dislocated, especially the knees / elbows:

  • When turning the camera in first-person, your ragdolled character moves around.


Yeah, that’s because the character rotates when you’re in FP or Shift lock. It’s fixable I think.

That is because the script instances ballsocketconstraints for every motor6d available, that can be improved by limiting BSCs to joints we want to look dislocated. I’ll add these in next update soon!

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Wow I was just looking for an r15 ragdoll script a day ago. It’s like my wishes were heard and got answered. Anyway I’m definitely going to try this out

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I can’t get the model from the link

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Oh! I’m so sorry! It went offsale by mistake! It’s uncopylocked now. :slight_smile: I’ll keep experimenting with ragdolls to get a more realistic version of it then I’ll update the model.

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Improved the concept! Doesn’t include waist joint now.
Makes ragdolls look more realistic as the waist joint shouldn’t be affected. Once again, thanks for using my module! It means a lot. :slight_smile:
Module has been updated. But you’ll need to update it manually in your games.

Report bugs in case you find any!


Many people are taking the model but aren’t giving any feedback or reviews. I request the people who found about it from this topic to please give feedback! :slight_smile:

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Discovered serious lag and ragdoll issues. Fixing it right now!

Update! Module has been fixed. Please report any other issues below.
What’s new?

  • Server sided velocity checks instead of client sided.
  • Head is collidable, roblox disables can collide of head by default.
  • Optimised User Input, script is shorter now.
  • Bug fixed and other performance updates.

Fixed now.
You’ll have to take the model again as it will not update itself if you took it earlier.

This is fixed too for shiftlocks… Player can still go first person which can be disabled but it looks nice.


Hi! There:

Classic Baseplate - Roblox Studio - Gyazo

I dont know what happen to my characters :laughing: Could you fix this please?

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There’s a velocity update which will add a bit of velocity to character’s head so he doesn’t ragdoll on the same spot. He will displace a little which looks more natural.

Hey! Can you send the place file so I can check your code? It seems like your HumanoidRootPart is colliding with bodyparts.

Well After that Incident, I began to add a fall effects. And the game crashed ;-;

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Have you placed all scripts in right location?