Ragdoll Solution -- R15/Customizable ragdolls for use with Layered Clothing

It would be better if there was a :UnRagdoll feature with :Ragdoll in the module itself, but there is no problem. I edited the module myself.

Been playing around with this system, and can’t seem to find a way to make it where Ragdolls remain in the game even after respawning, instead of being destroyed. Is there a way or already is a way to make it where ragdolls don’t delete before a certain period of time?

I don’t think my ragdoll system will interfere with something like that.

Your player character still goes through with how Roblox handles death regularly. You may have to disable that and create a custom respawn system which bypasses removing the character’s parts.


You can actually use this code. It will clone the player character, parent it, and rename it after the PlayerRespawnTime. Determined on the DecayTime, the cloned character will be destroyed.
Just make sure you have a folder called Corpses in the workspace and disable character auto loads otherwise, the code won’t work as expected…
Anyways, there is a chance that the cloned character could float after respawning likely 0-10% and could be more if the player respawning is not in the perfect time…

local DebrisService = game:GetService('Debris')
local CorpseDecayTime = 60

local function CloneCorpse(Player: Player)
	local PlayerName = Player.Name
	local Character = Player.Character::Model
	Character.Archivable	= true							-- To be able to Clone the Player's dead character.

	-- This loop is to determine if there is another corpse of the player:
	for _, Corpse in pairs(workspace["Corpses"]:GetChildren()) do
		if Corpse.Name == PlayerName.."'s Corpse" then		-- If there is another corpse of the player:
			Corpse:Destroy()								-- It will be destroyed.
	local ClonedCorpse	= Character:Clone()					-- Cloned player character.
	local CorpseHumanoid = ClonedCorpse:FindFirstChild('Humanoid')::Humanoid
	-- Settings:
	ClonedCorpse.Name	= PlayerName.."'s Corpse"
	ClonedCorpse.Parent	= workspace["Corpses"]				-- The parent of the ClonedCorpse after the player respawns.
	CorpseHumanoid.HealthDisplayType = 
	DebrisService:AddItem(ClonedCorpse, CorpseDecayTime)	-- To remove the Corpse after the specified amount of time.

	-- Temporarily fix for the Player's corpse to prevent it from floating:	
		CorpseHumanoid.Health = 100
		CorpseHumanoid.Health = 0

Would you be up to share?

(i guess i have to type more, thanks roblox)

Is there a way to unragdoll the character after calling ragdollMe?

My use case is a stun system that ragdolls the player. I’ve got the ragdoll to work but I can’t figure out a way to unragdoll the player given the current API.

solved my own problem:
replaced motor6d:Destroy() on the last else statement of ragdollMe to include:

(right at the beginning define the old collision group:
local oldColGroup = character.HumanoidRootPart.CollisionGroupId)

if destroy == true then
					elseif destroy == false then
						motor6d.Parent = game:GetService("ServerStorage")
							if delayTime then
								motor6d.Parent = character.UpperTorso
								motor6d.Parent.CanTouch = true
								humanoid.AutoRotate = true	
								character.HumanoidRootPart.CollisionGroupId = oldColGroup
								character.HumanoidRootPart.CanCollide = true

								motor6d.Parent = character.UpperTorso
								motor6d.Parent.CanTouch = true
								humanoid.AutoRotate = true	
								character.HumanoidRootPart.CollisionGroupId = oldColGroup
								character.HumanoidRootPart.CanCollide = true

This looks like a sturdy module, but do you have any plans to fully modularize it? The reliance on physical value representation (ex: Int/NumberValues, BoolValues, etc.) adds a big extra step when integrating to projects using stuff like Rojo and the numerous scripts (5 in the installation guide) could definitely benefit from consolidation (even into multiple sub-modules, which would increase compatibility across the board, but particularly with single-script architecture games).

I don’t have much experience with Rojo, so will putting the physical values into a module script that the ragdoll scripts will read be of any use?

Are there any other particular things you think would be helpful if partitioned from the main scripts?