Ragdoll Tycoon - Bugs, Issues, Suggestions?


recently I released my new Tycoon “Ragdoll Tycoon”. I think its pretty obvious on what you do in this game.

Im curious how I can improve the game to get more players and rise the avg. visit length?
Would be great if some of you could test it.
Important would be to test if the balancement is good, e.g. how fast do you get cash, are the buttons too cheap/expensive, etc.

Link: Ragdoll Tycoon [PETS] - Roblox


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I noticed that when I joined the game, my head was smaller than normal. Idk if this is a bug or not, but I suggest checking it out, feels a little off.

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Thank you, I will change it. Do you have any other suggestions?

The map’s pretty good, UI is good, I would suggest making the loading screen faster, as when you click “Play” the screen goes up slowly. I think some players would find that annoying.

Also, add a click sound to the buttons when you click them.

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It’s a decent game, but there’s a few issues.

Firstly, if you fly off a mine you often end up like this:

The issue is that you can’t get up from this position unless you reset (or ragdoll and then un-ragdoll).

The swing has floating seating, however does work.

Cannon doesn’t always fire.

In terms of gameplay, the main issue I have is that there’s buttons everywhere.
I feel like tycoons should have a direction or aim. Maybe focus on the user buying things one at a time rather than all at once. Increase the amount earned on each one as they continue, start small and make the ragdoll “things” bigger too.
Also, maybe make the user be able to earn more money by going down some of the things they made.

One last thing, this takes years to build due to how it’s set up. It’s also too cheap, I’m just running around and buying stuff for the sake of it as I have lots of money. People need to spend longer on the game to make it worthwhile for you!

thank you for your feedback.
I will fix that thing with the long building time.
So you said you get cash really fast? Okay, then I will definitely lower that, thank you.
Hmm, with the direction, I could try improving that :slight_smile:

That will be hard, especially it would be hard to tell the player that he will get cash by ragdolling on the objects.

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Okay, thank you :slight_smile: I just cant find a good click sound lol. I will try improving the loading screen.

Yeah, honestly not sure how you will do the last one however it would bring a more interactive aspect into the game. Good luck!

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You can use this plugin to find sound effects for your games.