Ragdolling Enemy NPC's (Downed System)

Hey all, Ive been trying to create a system to ragdoll enemy npc’s when they are low, so that they can be executed/gripped/whatever like in games such as rogue lineage, mighty ashura or deepwoken.

so far I’ve been able to do this with with player characters using EchoReaper’s rag doll system. but after all my effort i’ve been unable to do it for NPC’s

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? or know how I should go about doing it. thanks!

Well, if the ragdoll system you’re using is based exclusively on players, you’ll have to extend it to npcs as well. If you have enemies that don’t use the regular roblox rigs but instead have their own custom ones (such as the megalodaunt in deepwoken), you’ll most likely need to make your own custom ragdolls manually.

In terms of ragdoll systems for high stakes games like rogue lineage / deepwoken, I personally believe the best way to treat ragdolls is as a visual effect applied on the player rather than actually ragdolling the player. This is done by spawning an invisible duplicate player on top of them, making the original player invisible, ragdolling the fake player, making the ragdoll move along with the real player and finally setting the camera to be focused on the ragdoll.

The advantages of doing it this way is that, while a player is ragdolled, their real character still have the physics and states of a regular player. This means: Anti exploit works regularly, knockback works as usual, players can hit downed players as if they were standing, ragdolls won’t slip in areas regular players can’t reach, each client can use their own local ragdoll, etc.


Thanks so much! i’ll definitely have a look into using invisible duplicates instead of what i’m currently doing - for the npc’s i’m just using regular r15 rigs, what’s the easiest way to actually make them rag doll in your opinion? ive seen a few and mostly ones that only occur on death, I can’t figure out how to actually get them to rag doll O:

Well, there’s really only one way to make ragdolls on roblox, and that’s by using ballsocketconstraints. You have to swap out the motor6ds with them and then tweak the properties until they feel right for you. There’s a few tutorials online explaining how to do this.

I also found through experimentation that when making ragdolls it’s better to disable limb collision and instead weld a smaller part in each limb that have collision. It gives limbs more room to move around freely instead of getting stuck on other body parts.

End result with this method should look something like this.


ok awesome ill give it a go :slight_smile: thanks so much - the gif was super helpful to visualise it too!

Ragdoll 5.2.rbxm (7.8 KB)
Try this model I made, it really isn’t put together well but it gets the job done.

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