Rage Against the Sewing Machine: short but challenging obstacle course

I was building an obstacle course, and through a twist of fate, it managed to turn out really well!

It’s very difficult though: if you don’t like challenging obstacle courses then you will not find this place very fun.


I like it. By what I saw so far it’s a new take on an obstacle course game. I like the interaction of the obstacles that are in your way.

I found the first 2 obstacles to be way harder than the last 2. I felt so good when I beat it!

All the obstacles were pretty straight forward in their execution; the 3rd one though was pretty demanding of me though.
Only took me 1 try to beat #4 though once I got past 3.

I also got #4 instantly. 3 was really hard but it was a dark souls kind of hard where you feel really good when you pull it off. I had to teach myself to not jump when the 2nd wire comes back and that was really cool.

I just rage quitted. There were a few people saying that loleris was the “bestest” developer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used a sewing machine about 10 months ago for a school project involving a flag. I don’t remember it anything like this.

I can’t say I remember using a sewing machine larger than me either.


After playing almost nothing besides for Stardew Valley for the last week, the jump in difficulty is real.

As was the ragequit. Couldn’t get past the first jump consistently, never got past the third one.

Making it to the end wasn’t enough for me.

I had to complete the course in reverse as well. :sunglasses:

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