Ragnarok development team is seeking for a Blender Terrain Modeler!

About Us

Hey All!
We are Chaotic Devs, and currently we are starting to work on a myth based game, based on the Ragnarok myth, that probably many of you already know, if you would like to know more, read further, and check the contact part.

Our team

Me - GFX artist/Group Owner
HiddenDilemma - Scripter/Animator
XxkerrishxX - Asset Modeler
SubjectLoser - Composer
(SadAgyHD - Investor)

About The Job

Currently we have the entire team, but we would appreciate a modeler to join us making blender terrain, if you want detail of what you need to do more specifically, scroll down to contact down below

We will need about 5-15 maps in norwegian/swedish/danish/icelandic style for our game, for the BETA release, after that we will need more, but that’ll be discussed after the BETA release


We will split the game earnings depending on who has done how much work, how good it is, etc. the payment if you do your job correctly will be around 15% (possibly some extra pay upfront, or from my personal earnings if you did your job well)

Contact Us

You can contact me either hereon devforum(you can expect a slow reply) or dm me on discord: Itz Ivy#8654
The age minimum is 13 as you will have to use discord which is 13+

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hi! I do terrain in Gaea, I think you would enjoy it a lot! Here is my portfolio if you are interested! I hope to get in contact with you! :grinning:

I can make maps in 3 hours, and I understand this style and I think it would be really cool.

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Your portfolio is really nice, if you’re interestedin joining the team, dm me at Itz Ivy#8654 on discord

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Send me a private message instead, I do not use discord, I have had a bad experience with getting scammed, I only work through here.

I am not interested in the job although when I saw the blender terrain modeler I just couldn’t help but think of the collision. Are you looking for them to just model the whole maps terrain in blender and import it because unless you separate the terrain into many many meshes the collision will be very wacky.

I know there is a new collisionfedility or something that is meant to be more precise (haven’t looked too much into it) but I heard from somebody that it may still have issues.

If you are talking about heightmaps then disregard this.

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