Railroad & Terrain


I was wondering since DevForum is full of developers with unimaginable capabilities and skills, I was looking to know if any terrain or railroad Developers have any tips on how to begin building either one. As well as any Plugins or tutorials you might have that will be able to assist me. Thanks in advance.


As owner of Rails Unlimited, all I can really say is you need to practice making trains and tracks. I’ve been doing it since 2008 and my builds have improved a lot since then, also thanks to new tools and plugins.

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Do you have a link to these tools and plugins?

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Archimedes Two; this is for making curves for trains, but it also serves a great way to make curvy train tracks.
qCmdUtl by Quenty; sort of like Studio Build Suite but more basic and by Quenty.
GapFill and ResizeAlign; good for filling in gaps when making S-bends for train tracks and diagonal handrails. It is made by stravant.

Pretty much all these are in my inventory for plugins.

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Making terrain is quite hard on a large scale, you might want to use the region>select tool and just fill in large chunks of terrain. Once you have done this you can use the add tool, to make a very rough sketch of hills and what not, then use the grow and erode tool to add the details. Using paint can also be helpful when adding texture to your terrain. Terrain just alone can be plain so you might want to add tree’s and bushes to make it seem less dull. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:



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Hey i have a Question im making a Train Game and want to figure out how to make curved Rails with Inclination?
And my Train Wheels what is connected to the Train base are playing crazy.
If u could help me i would appreciate it,

Thanks, i watched them all but i dont know how to CFrame 6 Things together, i mean i have 6 TrainWheels how could i move them all in their own Track?