Rain system help

deleted and removed cause I no longer need help for this canceled project

I think your code has a syntax error:

yeah that was me trying to enable it lol cause i was completely clueless i removed it though

Are the variables pathed correctly? You may have some misnamed objects or missing objects so it might not fully update when you click Rain.

everything works i just dont know how to make screenrain become enabled when the rain starts like i genuinely dont know what to write in the code to make it enabled whenever the weather starts, i was thinking i would need for it to be enabled or required but i dont know how to write that in code lol i am very stupid i know

i can’t think of any solutions to making it enabled whenever the rain starts

Rip. Typing this on a phone lying down so it’s painful to type. Have you checked output for errors or warnings though?

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no warnings besides sound ids missing cause of the stupid roblox update lol, i need to write down a line of code to require the script screenrain whenever the rain gets enabled but i dont know how to write that if that makes any sense

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