Rainbow Chat | Not working

Rainbow chat tag & text.
This is the code, and It ain’t working, how can I fix it?

I looked on Developer Hub, didn’t find much information.

I want the chat to be rainbow when the user owns that gamepass.

More info

  • Script in SSS
  • Gamepass connected
  • Worked before

– This is an example I tried (made chat nothing) https://gyazo.com/195910256f03fcc92eea843e278c64be (removed vip)

Please if you have any ideas, reply below.

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If you said it worked before, did you change anything to cause it to stop working?

Where is the variable ‘h’ defined?


You may want to replace h/255 with math.random() to get a random color. As stated above, h is undefined so the script doesn’t know what hue to use.

You could also use the new Random to get a random color as opposed to math.random.


Not really. (Other characters for reply…)

How should i define it like
H= math.random()

I see now that is problem. - -

You can define it as such (be sure to not divide by 255 after) or switch out the whole section as I stated above.

Thank you for helping, it now works. :smiley: