Raindrops on window's

How would one go about having rain that falls on windows and drips down or even stays on the window? Seems impossible with a particle emitter since… you know, no collisions.


I’m a bit confused on what your 100% asking for but would It look something like this:


Yeah, I think that’s exactly what he was looking for. also, that looks really neat!


This is good news because that doesn’t require any scripting at all it’s just a particle emitter using the new Squash and Orientation property. To get something close to that result just set the ‘Orientation’ to ‘VelocityParallel’, set the acceleration to something on the -Y axis and animate the squish property so that the particle slowly grows height in respect of the acceleration distance.


Exactly. How would one do that?

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Just whipped up an uncopylocked experience with that particle effect: Simple Rain System - Roblox

Right now the rain is just blue default shiny things but you can try changing them to circle or just line shapes.

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