Rainstorm Hollow

Hey there! I’m so glad to see you all here! My name is thatdenimatedboi! You can call me Deni for short. Today, I am going to showcase a map of mine called: Rainstorm Hollow!

Map Description:

Rainstorm Hollow Is a valley that resists the current state of rain and is in nothing but flooding the entire valley. Some people who visited it were never heard from again. No one knows why, and never will. However one of them yet somehow survive. They weren’t drown or anything, just injured. That time, the storm was over, but that doesn’t mean it will not continue. It’d still be flooding even if they were heavy rain.

Pictures of Creation

If you have any feedback, please let me know! Thanks for reading!


Did you create this for flood escape? It seems veeeery similar to a flood escape map I played.


Of course! :blush: Hence why you see the buttons there.


Lol i had a hunch due to the building style, the buttons, the boxes, and the bridges.

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the map in picture #2 looks very similar to a silent assasin map! very cool! try adding 3dd models

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Thanks so much! Really appreciate it!

What do you mean by that? Everything in the picture is a 3D model.

I really like the lighting of this place and the place looks even cooler with the fog since it looks like a place that’s kind of spooky.

The building looks kind of basic but I think it depicts a kind of style for low-poly.

The only thing I might nitpick at is the boxes with the black outlines. I think the outlines are very thin which doesn’t look like a crate box. Something that looks like that is this picture.

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Everything looks great, but i would prefer a better box and lamp post, other than that they all can stay.

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i’m saying like meshes that aren’t made in studio

Exactly, they’re made in blender to the exact.

This looks like an fe2 map gives me nostalgic vibes

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Ya mean this?

that looks like made in studio, not blender.

Haven’t actually used blender in a while actually

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Looks Great, though i will say it does need more detail in some parts! That’s all i have for suggestions.

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Yeah that looks better and pretty good