Raise Minimum Price Floor of 50 for Faces / Hair and other 15 minimum accessories

A major problem lately is undercutting in prices. People using the face category to price head items at 15, for example.

Especially with increased competition, a 15 robux price floor requires almost 200 sales to break even on the upload fee.

A simple solution to this is to raise the price floor for these categories up to 50. Roblox would make more from the sales, and UGCers would be a bit more protected against extreme price cutters.

This is a solution that could be implemented swiftly (especially if you don’t bother to address existing items being at 15 price floor). Simply require configuration saves to be at the new price floor and this problem will have been nipped in the bud.


This would be very beneficial, the price floor at the moment is really outdated and was created back when there wasn’t many creators with uploading perms, adjusting the price floor to be at least 50 for hats, faces, and hair together would prevent people from being able to price cut by putting something in the wrong category


Roblox reassured creators at last year’s RDC 2022 during the Future of the Marketplace talk that their goal was to prevent a race to the bottom

and we haven’t seen a single tangible action on their part, to keep the promise they made to creators.

“if you’re familiar with our legacy [2d] market, where pretty much everything sells for a nickel now, everything sells for 5 R$, everything races to the bottom, there isn’t a whole lot of control there”

we are at that point right now with the 3d marketplace and roblox has failed to keep the trust with creators.

2D marketplace items priced at the minimum of 5 R$, generates 3 R$ per sale
3D marketplace items priced at the minimum of 15 R$, with their 70% tax, generates 4 R$ per sale

we’re at a point where roblox has done the complete opposite of what they promised, by actually encouraging a race to the bottom by removing marketplace policies such as purposefully miscategorizing items to bypass price floors

the best selling past day has 5 hairs uploaded as Face accessories receiving thousands of sales per day because they are taking advantage of roblox’s removal of policy that prevented this exact thing a few months ago.

the price floor for hair is 50 R$ while the price floor for face accessories is 15 R$, by uploading in the wrong category, the race to the bottom is in full swing by undercutting properly categorized items by 70% and Roblox still has time to take action if they listen to their creators who have worked tirelessly to make the platform a better place by giving players the ability to express themselves through their avatars.


Thanks for the nice video link by the way!


In 2013, the very first price floor update was released. People criticised it because people were coerced into buying robux. Mind you – that price floor was only 10 robux.

Upon popular request, then soon lowered it down to 5 robux.


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