Raise the Monthly Quota for Automatic Localization

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to maintain and update newly automatically translated entries in the cloud Localization table. Every 2 weeks when I update my game, I put the changelog of new features in the game’s description. I have all of the languages that support automatic translations, and I have “Auto Translation: Experience Information” turned on in the Localization menu on the Create page. This causes my monthly quota of 550K of data to be used up very quickly, and it usually only has enough for the translation of the description for one update a month.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to translate the description of my game to all available languages and not have to wait until the next month if I need to add new entries for new text that has appeared in the game after an update.


I’ve spent three months waiting for translation on my game.

Some suggestions:
Put an estimate of quota usage for each language given the number of characters in the strings of my game.

  • Doesn’t need to be exact but it will help, because in the beginning I just selected all languages, not realising I would only be able to achieve translation of about 20% of my strings in total.
  • After the first monthly quota being met, I realised I should probably only select a few languages so I could get 100% on the prioritised languages with next month’s quota but my guess still was off and I only achieved 95% translation. Now I need to wait another month.

It would be great if when we reach the monthly quote that we could have an option to spend Robux to complete the translation faster.


An update to my experience here:

  • It’s now May 29th and I still haven’t been able to successfully translate a single language fully in my experience.
  • I switched off a number of languages to focus on a small number of high priority languages that by my estimate given the monthly quota, should easily be complete within a month.
  • However the rate of translation has crawled to almost a standstill. I’ve only used up 12% of my monthly quota with less than 2 weeks before the quota renews again.
  • This behaviour is really odd. Either it’s a bug or an unexpected UE quirk where I’m making some mistake that I can’t figure out. I surely should be able to use more than 1% of my quota each day? I expect that I should be using at least 3-4% of that quota daily if I’m to use the entire month’s quota.
  • At this rate, I’ve calculated that my game may have translations completed in 4-6 months for few languages I’ve selected.
  • Another annoyance is that any of my unused quota for a given month is not going to roll over to the next month.
  • My game has a large amount of text and it performs well in countries where English is a native or widely spoken language but I am confident the theme and gameplay should perform well in asian countries once the machine translations are complete. It’s a shame that Roblox is potentially losing a significant amount of revenue if this issue is platform-wide.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Strings are capturing with no obvious issue. Even the strings from a recent update are captured. The recent strings were also successfully translated, however many of the older successfully captured strings have not been translated at all.

Experience in question - Find the Bobas🥤 [180] - Roblox

Translation Settings:

  • “Automatic Text Capture” and “Use Translated Content” settings have all been toggled on throughout.
  • Auto Translation for Experience Information is switched on for all languages.
  • Auto Translation for Experience Strings and Products is switched on for Chinese Trad, Chinese Simp, Korean, Spanish and Thai.
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I’ve been having issues with blank untranslated strings never getting translated too. How I was able to work around it was by deleting the entry and re-adding the entry back in. It looks like the auto-translate only translates entries when they are newly added and does not go back and translate entries that have already been added a long time ago.

I support this, even though the auto translation can be pretty bad.