Raising Day 1 Retention

Wasn’t too sure where to put this, but recently, a game I made has had its retention drop pretty much linearly. Now, it is down to 3% which I am assuming is really bad. At the very beginning, we were hitting 20%. I don’t know what the issue is and how to raise retention. I made this post to get suggestions for marketing, advertising, and more insight on how to view my analytics and statistics as a developer. Here are the stats.

If anyone has any tips for raising retention or advertising, please let me know. I have included many things in-game to try to boost retention. I have two daily reward systems, as well as a timer that literally requires them to stay longer in-game to unlock some items. This further confuses me about the actual effects of these “retention-boosting” popular game rewards. Please reply to my post on how to keep retention, and then hopefully raise it.

This topic should go under #help-and-feedback:game-design-support . Do also share the game link with us, so we’re able to give some feedback to help improve your retention.

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Good for the first day but important is the first 10 days, if your game goes up in the first 10 days your game will be very popular but if there is any decrease in the first 10 days your game will not be popular

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