Raising speed required to run

Simple question,

How does one raise the speed needed for the running animation to trigger, since at walk speed 16 I want walking to play, but at walk speed 20 I want running to play.

Any ideas / solutions.

Going to sleep now so cant respond for 8hrs.

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You can use if game.Players.LocalPlayer.Humanoid.Walkspeed >= 20 then for sprinting and if game.Players.LocalPlayer.Humanoid.Walkspeed <= 19 then for walking


Within the Animation LocalScript is the following code:


function onRunning(speed)	
	if speed > 0.75 then
		local scale = 16.0
		playAnimation("walk", 0.2, Humanoid)
		setAnimationSpeed(speed / scale)
		pose = "Running"
		if emoteNames[currentAnim] == nil and not currentlyPlayingEmote then
			playAnimation("idle", 0.2, Humanoid)
			pose = "Standing"

It looks like you should be able to achieve what you want by setting scale to 20.0. If that doesn’t work, try CTRL+F through the script for the parts where it plays the walk/run animations so see if there is something you can modify. Note: try to find "run" on its own as I believe there is a spot where playAnimation is called with it indirectly being given as an argument.


sadly, the “scale” no longer exists

I’ve noticed the same thing, do you know how to change the running threshold now? I’ve tried looking at where it changes now in the Animate script but It’s practically undecipherable for me and there’s no documentation on it.

Nope, i’ve given up trying to fix it by now and just moved on from it

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