Rally Speedway / Concept

Greetings, :racing_car:
A new post from me after a while without being here, returning to the subject, my new construction, the Rally track, Please note that more cars are modeled yet
Time needed to build: 1 full week

Enjoy - murjarquitecto


This looks amazing. I can’t really say anything negative because I’m not an expert builder…but good work.


Love the giant Bloxy Cola here. Just curious, did you make that higher-resolution texture, or where can I find it?

That looks nice ngl! It looks realistic, which I like. Great job! And it’s also surprising how you made ALL that in a week!

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Yes, it is a custom texture, which is not found anywhere else

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Very beautiful use of the ground texture, and I really love the Giant BloxyCola as well as the car :slight_smile:


This is going to get really good lol I can’t wait to try it

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