Ramen Store V2 | (Improved version?)

Hello! This is my new and hopefully improved ramen store. It’s supposed to be a showcase but the way! Any more feedbacks that could improve it?


Wow! That looks amazing, I have no critiques! I think it would go good in like a china town area. Keep up the great work! :+1:

It’s good and definitely a very big improvement.

There are some minor inconsistencies in the level of detail of objects; across most of the storefront there is a similar level of detail except for the lights at the top, which makes them stand out and detract from the quality slightly.

The untextured/plastic material area at the top of the store feels out of place given almost everything else in the store either has textures or a material, and the store counter is completely empty which feels like a lower level of deail compared to the rest of the build again.

That said, it’s a very picky criticism because there isn’t much left to change that I can see myself.

One thing I can think of is to put a roblox rig into the scene to check the scale of it all for consistency.


Thank you for your honest opinion! Do you have any ideas on what I should put instead of the checkered plastic material at the top? c:

I really like the feel of home it gives! I don’t think there are no improvements you need to make. This small place have enough details and it looks really awesome. Keep it up! <3

It’s this part I was talking about, sorry if I was unclear:

If it does have a checkered texture I may just not be able to see it in the image in which case the criticism may not be valid, it’s hard to say without seeing it in game.

I love this small build. I am all for small but really well detailed builds.
For improvements,


I suggest for you to add some depth to this door. It already had the detail but feels 2D which is certainly not what most doors are. Consider making the parts slicing the windows smaller than the parts creating the frame of the door. This can add depth to the door and achieve a more detailed look.


Also for the chairs, you could add another part to act as a base as realistically those chairs shouldn’t be able to stand on it’s own unless it’s drilled into the ground deeply.

I never saw what the Ramen Store looked like before, but from what I’m looking at right now, it already looks amazing!

Thank you for the kind words, it really means a lot.

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Thank you for all the feedback, I’ll be sure to work on it. :+1:

No problem! Now it looks much better so thank you anyways.

Thank you for your feedback! Have a good day.