Random 4k+ premium payout from 1 premium visit?

its been like a year since that happened but basically one of my games that i didnt even work on anymore got a random 4k premium payout from just one premium visit which im guessing was probably just my friend and im curious as to how something like that is even possible?


It may be because your friend spent a substantial time in your game? There isn’t a straightforward answer for this.

Anyways, premium payouts on dotted lined means that the amount isn’t final, and it’ll take around a month or so for Roblox to confirm or modify the amounts to actually fit, before sending the Robux to you as Pending.

Read more about Premium Payouts’ FAQ here!


The way I read it is it depends on how much time they spent at your game and it’s also dispersed amongst the games they do play.


i was actually playing the game when he joined and as far as i remember he only joined for a short while

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