Random admin gamepass

My friend just sent me this,

I did not add this, but i think some kind of plug in did it, is there a way to find that script really fast?

Curretly, (i think) there is no way to find a spesific word in every script fast. Maybe try to check the free models (if u have).

I didnt have free models but i found one script that was requireing something i deleted it but i dont know if that was it, but thanks for anwser

I use this plugin. Very helpful, proven not to be a virus.

Hi there,

I have written about the toolbox and its danger when using it in this post

Please review Section 7. | The Toolbox - The danger of malicious models and how to prevent them in the post to prevent malicious scripts to enter your game.

You can find ways on how to cope with viruses pretty easily there too.

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