Random Caves generation With Infinite Terrain

Hi, I was thinking about making a cave generation system with the Infinite Terrain plugin, but I don’t know where to start.

I would like both the caves and the Terrain


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well if you want it to be random you’ll need to do it with parts that have a rock texture (at least thats how i would do it)

i would design a few different cave passageways using these parts then make a script to start connecting them together, unless you want a random cave system that you want to continuously use then i have misinterpreted your post

perlin worms. the width/height of the cave can be defined with noise values so skinny and wide caves variations generate

Do you know a way to implement perlin worms in the Infinite Terrain Plugin?

i don’t think you can view the code in plugins you download so i would just make my own generator

This plugin generates 2 Script on the ReplicatedFirst, one for to generate the chunks created in the other script that’s inside an Actor, i can send the scripts and the ReplicatedFirst Setup