Random Developer products popping up in studio


Recently we have noticed an issue occurring inside of our game.

A developer product

has popped up at random, and we can’t find nor trace the script inside of our studio.

Our developer products should look like this,

as you can see there is no
‘Buy Admin’ developer product.

We wish not to scam our members, so we need to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Probably from a free model, that’s where most things like this come from, especially if you didn’t add it in.

You should either find it, or turn off “AllowThirdPartySales” in workspace settings.

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Alright, we have no free models, as everything in our game is customly made.

I will try that, thanks for the info.

Allow Third party is off, any other thoughts?

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It may be a free model with a script, or it can that you had a free model inside your game before and the script saved in your game.

Try and search for all the scripts in your game, and find it out.

We have never used free models, and never plan to.

We can’t find the script, nor locate anything related to that extent.

Yeah, it can definitely be a script creating that developer product item.

If you go on Roblox Studio and do Ctrl + Shift + F you can find any line of code. Good way to see if the problem is a script.

Try to see through your script where you held your Developer Products ID’s. Maybe you/another scripter on your team may have been typing in the wrong ID.

We haven’t updated the game since a few days ago, we havent had this issue till around now.

It’s a free model most likely, or one of your developers is messing with stuff.

If it’s not a group dev product then turning off AllowThirdPartySales should fix your problem, but I really recommend you find it and delete it.

It was already off, we are trying to locate the script.

Is there a keyword I should place into the searchbar?

We can’t find anything matching a developer product, the only thing that uses it is our donation board, by Niternity studios I believe.

Even adding onto that, we are checking the asset ids and all of the devproducts match our game.

The board has been inside of the game since the launch, and it had no issues.

Is it possible if the owner of the board injected something into the board?

We have deleted the donation board, and no promts have came up.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We have found the issue. image

Appearntly an exploiter has visited us…

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