Random error message?

I’m getting these error messages. I don’t have any of these modules, plugins or anything in game. What’s going on?

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Are you talking about the Error on the top, or the multiple errors at the bottom? In case you’re talking about the bottom ones, since the origin says studio, I’m assuming it’s from a plugin or any injected scripts.

Can you click on the error, where does it take you if so?

It just spawns my camera at a random location

Do you have any plugins, were you have any plugins before hand?

Search in the search bar in the script category: getfenv or find any suspicious lines of code in your scripts

I’m talking about both errors. I’ve only installed advanced, well-known plugins and today is the first day I’ve gotten the message.

The bottom ones, you need to turn on HTTPS services in your game, the top one I used to get something like that but it went away after a while. No idea what it was.

Maybe try to disable some plugins.

I have HTTPS enabled. I i’ll try plugins.

Idk, this could help find some scripts or who knows what inside.

I’m no longer getting the requested error message. For some reason my icons are for imagelabels are saying " Error while loading thumbnail for “Images/OPt (1)”: HTTP 403 (Forbidden)"

Are the imagelabels under your account or by roblox? If it is that you have no issue
Unless you’re using someone else’s asset

I’m uploading them straight to studio.

Try uploading them as an asset, that could possible help

I used to do that and found it quicker to upload straight to studio. I’ll start doing that again. Thx

No problem, I did that too, but just incase it’s always good to play it safe with the website :smiley:

Hey there, I ended up getting it solved (you can click the linked post under the post) but anyways. BTools seems to be causing this error due to a corruption in its source code. I turned it off for now.