Random Freezes (Performance Issues)

My game is mostly performing good, but today it started freezing randomly, every 10-20 seconds fps drops and ping rises for a split second, then returns back to normal.

There are no scripts running with that incosistency, everything happening that might cause performacne issues, is happening always at the same rate, so I have no idea on what is causing these freezes. Here are the screenshots of microprofiler and performance stats.

As you can see in second screenshot, both CPU and GPU randomly rise and fall

After a painstaking process of disabling/editing all of the scripts I had, deleting modules, looking for performance heavy processes, I found out that what’s causing the lag is not a script at all lol. It was an Arena map.
It had absolutely 0 scripts in it, but had many overlapping parts which were not anchored, but had cancollide on, so I guess physics was going crazy trying to figure out what to do with those. After anchoring those parts, freezes stopped happening.