Random gear in game and error from UIEditor



So not sure these two things are actually related.

First thing in my game I have this weird OBC hand that I never put into my game.

Second thing I made a personal copy of the game to work on updating and there is no hand in it but in studio
I keep getting this weird scripting error. Note: I have no plug-ins.

Any ideas of what is going on?


If you click on the error most of the time it can take you to the script which the error came from.


Ya when I click on it, it does nothing.


This error is from the UIEditor plugin. It is an inbuilt Roblox plugin which seems to not work as expected.

It will not effect your game in any way and you can remove or move this plugin. The plugin is located at C:\Users\[account name]\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\[current version]\BuiltInPlugins.

I am unsure why this would cause this error as you do not seem to be using the plugin.


Oh, okay! Sweet thx for that :slight_smile:


As for the gear, it is likely that you have the gear type enabled on the gear permissions page.


Yes that was the problem. Thank you.