Random gen caves on triangle perlin noise map

I have no clue where to start I’m trying to to use 3D perlin noise for caverns and perlin worms for caves For my survival game but I can’t find any tutorials

I am new to using perlin noise and I want to make caverns and caves in my triangle terrain and have them save so that players could explore and make bases in them.

I have looked around the developer hub and have found no tutorials and I have tried to message players who know perlin noise and have had no luck

I have made my triangle terrain off of this https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=UUch5yE-sVvh4OPB0kOxsGVg&v=BlTmNmR3TvM

Message me on discord at Lothomost#2999
Or reply if you could help me edit the terrain to make stone caves.


would this possibly help you?

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Somewhat but how yours I make the perlin worms work for the cave where it builds a barrier around an open area and what about caverns

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if you send me the code you are using to generate the land, I could try to integrate it for you. and to make caverns you would use perlin noise again to widen the the tunnel at certain coordinates, and it would make a larger room

Ok give me just a min I have to open up studio or if you want I could just add you to the project

I wouldn’t be able to really work on it until later tonight bc I am at school rn and have hw, but I could possibly later tonight

Alright well if you want you can just send a friend request to lothomost and we can work on it later tonight bc I also have school


Is it something like this? Marching Squares - Procedural cave generation

Or is it like minecraft?

Somewhat like that but more if a Minecraft 1.16.2 and Minecraft 1.17 mix

That would take a tremendous amount of work, but I don’t want to discourage you. The other thing is that Mincraft actually uses 4 dimensial Perlin noise IIRC, and I believe the 4th dimension is the seed.

I think I’m just going to try to use perlin worms for now

Hey im on any time if you want