Random Generated MeshPart Being Generated into Camera


Currently making a CityType game however I’ve recently noticed that a random MeshPart gets inserted into the Camera, It’s very strange as I don’t have any sort of script that uses a Camera or adds an object inside of it.

Also, the MeshPart always gets inserted with a random name such as “3bxao” or “vbxaJkL”.
I’m not sure weather or not this is a backdoor but we’ve checked every script and there is NOT any malicious script.

Now, the main problem of this MeshPart in Camera is when a Player tries to fire their weapon their gun rays hit the MeshPart inside Camera instead of where their cursor is at…
I’ve also tried searching for “MeshPart” inside scripts however there is no such script that uses/adds a MeshPart into Camera.

And no, It’s not the gun scripts.



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If you haven’t inserted it there yourself, it is 99% a virus. It is most likely a plugin virus. Plugin viruses can insert objects anywhere into your explorer without having a script instance present. It’s in the plugin code. Check your plugins. And plugins made by names like “BestPlugins” or “TopQualityPlugins” are viruses. Also check who made the plugin.

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I’ve tried disabling all my plugins however it’s still the same…

Try searching for getfenv() or require in your scripts. If nothing still shows up i suppose you can make a local script that runs this

  if #workspace.CurrentCamera:GetDescendants() > 0 then
    for _, v in ipairs(workspace.CurrentCamera:GetDescendants()) do

I’ve searched for getfenv(), nothing
I’ve searched for require, only chat scripts. (Roblox Chats)

I used the script you sent and added it to StarterPlayerScripts and it removed the MeshPart inside Camera however my guns are still hitting the Camera.

Also, could this be because that the game is using the new Roblox BubbleChat?

No it isnt cause of bubble chat. I don’t know how your guns work so dont know waht to tell you there, (perhaps create a white list for objects inside the camera?)

You are searching getfenv() and require in the wrong scripts. The scripts aren’t in game. They are in a plugin. Search the plugin scripts because thats where the part is coming from.

The guns do not use Camera in any sort of way, and I might as well create a white list for the objects inside camera.

I’ve disabled all my plugins and the issue is still occurring, it can’t still be generated through a disabled plugin…?

where is the ray originating from? if it the camera like i said ignore any baseparts in camera

I’m pretty sure if you already had the plugin activated in your game, the script will still run. Make a new place, and see if the part is generated there. Make sure when you make the new place all your plugins are disabled prior.

I didn’t make these gun systems, however as much as I understand is that the rays don’t originiate from the Camera, the rays are placed inside a folder named IgnoreList which is a folder that the gun/gun rays ignore.

idk what to tell u then if i cant understand how the guns work

Okay, just did this and also added my guns into an Empty Baseplate, there were no issues what so ever.

That should fix the problem. I think that place will have the virus there forever. As long as you don’t enable the virus plugin in new place, there should be no problems.

Thank you so much, this worked.