Random Invisible wall in Roblox Studio

I didn’t know that last part, if I’m not wrong you could also try to use the thing to see all triangles which I don’t remember the name

I give all my items in my workspace names that are all caps lock, so that when I finally start getting into (and actually understanding) scripting, I can differentiate between what Roblox studio knows (Properties, scripting words, etc.) Which I would assume would be mostly lowercase, and what I make (everything in the workspace, and variables) Which is what I type out in caps

Screenshot 2023-04-18 203710

Thanks everyone, I’m done building, no invisible wall problems whatsoever! It took me a long while to name all the parts used for the wall (Because I can’t just unite everything) but It’s all done now!

Happy you were able to solve the problem!

I understand, and yes, all Properties in Roblox (as far as I know) aren’t Caps Locked, I now understand your way of thinking :sweat_smile:

When I program I just use Pascal_Snake (probably made up but whatever).

I can’t stand the camelCase method or the PascalCase. Either or makes me upset, so I stick with Pascal_Snake.

You could try that out as literally no Roblox variables use that way of structure IIRC, and it’s fairly quick to type! Might help with productivity.

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