Random Lag after recent ROBLOX client update

For some unknown reason, a lot of people(including myself) have had major framerate drops in client and studio. I use to play games on full graphics with at least 45 frames no matter what. Now I can sometimes barely get 25 out.

No computer updates were administered, no anything. Other games/platforms haven’t had this bug. The only place that this bug has existed is ROBLOX.

Anyone else?


Does it occur when looking at certain parts of the game?

For example when I look out at these meshparts rocks in CF in my game from this distance, it drops my FPS down to 30 from 60.

Yeah. When there’s a lot of parts theres lag. Which totally makes sense I completely understand. The only issue with that is games which previously had 0 lag have lag that makes them almost unplayable.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure I used to not get any FPS drops in this stadium before an update was made.

Please follow the mandatory format for bug reports, you’re missing a lot of the steps here, which makes your bug report difficult to approach for engineers:

What place(s) does it occur in? Can you give more information on your device? Does the microprofiler tell you anything about what is the bottleneck? Can you attach a microprofiler dump?

Sure, let me re write somethings for ya!

  1. There’s random lag in essentially every game now. Not sure what happened but after a client patch the frames dropped on my computer by a significant number. The same holds true for many many other people that I’ve questioned.

  2. Random frame rate drops on essentially every game with more than a few parts.

  3. Yes. 100% of the time. The less parts in the game the better but even without any parts sometimes I can’t even reach 60fps.

  4. Join essentially any game to reproduce it.

  5. Mac, PC, Mobile(I haven’t tested any other system)

  6. Neither

  7. I could give you the performance stats. Image below. It seems like a CPU and GPU overload is causing it.

  8. Image below. (At least for 1 computer)

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  10. Roughly a week or so ago. Maybe less. Most likely 5-6 days ago.

  11. Nope!

Specs for current computer, 10 graphics quality screenshot, 1 graphic quality screenshot

Please attach the link to the game at which you took the screenshots.

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I am getting this issue in Studio as well. On macOS 10.13.3. Last night Studio was running at 60fps and now its hanging around 50-55 fps. Annoyingly hard to use script editor and panning around is really choppy. Doesn’t matter if I am using Team Create or edit mode or just an empty baseplate.

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Hi, another Mac user here having the same issues with pretty bad lag in places that otherwise have been fine in the past. No specific place that I have the drop in, both games heavy in script usage, and those with minimal.


I personally upscale my display to the highest possible, despite this though, I have attempted playing roblox with the upscaling off, and am having the same frame-rate issue. I have my MacBook plugged in, at 100% battery.

It might not be my place to make suggestions on what the issue is, but I have a feeling that it has to do with:
A. The MacOS operating system
B. Integrated Graphics

In order to replicate the problem and get the microprofiler dump (1.6 MB) I performed the test in a game that I built, with no scripts, though team create was enabled.

I simply spun the camera 360 and lagged badly. Graphics set to 1 with no one else in the game.

I’ve had this lag issue for awhile now, though I couldn’t tell you the exact date I noticed the lag. Sorry.