Random logout and URL could not be found error V2

Hi I know I have already made a post about this but this one is V2 a bit more descriptive and helpful.

I am having this issue Logged out for some reason? | I don't know what to say anymore I aswell tried this and still no luck DevForums Keeps Logging Me Out
And i need some help to fix it I am currently on a windows 10 laptop running windows 11 and it only does not work on google chrome with my accounts. it works everywhere else but it. I cleared my data even cache on roblox and my account. This seems to be a 2018-2022 bug but it is happening to me in 2023 I need your help. I don’t like using firefox or edge to view my stuff because its too much work.

ivy done everything to try and fix it i have no idea what the problem is. I dont even have any viruses as I check almost every week

this is the message i get DevForum | Roblox or sometimes it logs me in but when i click something it logs me out. Here is a recording of me logging in and it kicks me out dev forum bug - YouTube Can someone help me?


Are you using any VPN / adblockers? Wondering if there is anything else about Chrome thats different in your setup than the other browsers you are using.

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Thing is its not a vpn or adblocker problem. I disabled every extention i owned and still kicks me

Thanks for clarifying, it looks like the video might be sped up. One issue is it could be taking too long to load the forum when it redirects you back after logging in (causing the authentication to timeout).

Does it take a while to redirect for you?