Random meshes popping in and out of existence

This started happening less than 2 weeks ago. Meshes in our place are disappearing and reappearing without their collision geometry or any other properties of the actual instance being affected. Also, when one mesh disappears and reappears, all other meshes with the same asset ID do the same (can mostly be seen on things like character hair). Link to game: https://www.roblox.com/games/581339386/ALONE-Game


I would like to get some kind of response on this. People keep complaining about their hair going missing, or even buildings completely disappearing for sometimes several seconds.

Also, is anyone else having this issue? If so, how many meshes + how many asset ids are you using?

Sorry for not replying earlier.

I believe this is a pre-existing issue and is not related to updates that we did, but it can easily be related to the overall mesh part usage in your game. Basically we have the issue in the current clustering system where when we can’t keep all meshes you have in the mesh cache all at once - the mesh cache is capped to 96 MB which is around 1-2 million vertices - you get cache thrashing issues similar to what you describe.

We’re working on rolling out a new, more efficient rendering system for CSG/MeshParts that does not have this issue, hopefully it would be live in a month or so. I’ll take a look at bumping up the cache limit a bit in the short term, but also that’s a lot of mesh data that you’re using :stuck_out_tongue: (the game is awesome though)


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