Random Models I made for feedback!

Hey, It’s Aki!

I would like to share with you my models! I did them for other users and I am still making. But I want to share this line of models first!

robloxapp-20201230-2017206.wmv (8.1 MB)
(For some reason you have to download the video to see… sorry)

Feel free to give your opinions! No, this does not have to do with specific genre and no It is not ment to be ‘normal’. I tried to be a bit unique in an odd way! So, if you like odd, you most likely will love this!

Good day/night,


The video won’t start up for me. Is there another way you could show me your models?

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Hey! Just looked at the video and I think the models look good. Maybe try uploading a RBX file so we can see them a little better? Hard to give very much feed back unless I can get hands on with the models.

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I’m so sorry that it does not work. Let me give you the link. @SuperBloxxor here is the link aswell.

MY MODELS - Roblox


Alright, I got into the game! My first thought was wow! Perhaps my favorite model out of all of them was the speakers. They were well designed! Although some of the models like the laptop and birdhouse were unanchored. But that’s not a big deal. I think these models are pretty solid and awesome! Would love to see these be used a lot! Nice work!

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I was actually working on more models if you want to check later! I’ll private message you if you want to follow-up. So you can see the new models!

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Hi! Welcome to VERSION 2 OF THE GAME!

Hopefully this video can be seen without downloading.

I have uploaded a new update for the models! I have separated them into categories.

For example: Nature, Buildings, Outside, Furniture, Etc.

I also made a few more models that you may like!


Good day!